What forms the price of a decent office space in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is a pleasant country, where business has been growing for the last few years so fast that many people from more developed countries smartly decided to relocate here. Meanwhile, taking under consideration the fact that Bulgaria is a top destination for outsourcing business, we can say it is a superb alternative for your new IT unenterprising challenge. Not to forget to count the amazing climate, the wonderfully educated, experienced and talented professionals you can find here, looking for a decent office space in Bulgaria might be a very common tasks businessmen have today.

Of course, when it comes to business and working conditions, comfortableness should be always balanced with the price. An office space in Bulgaria is an expense, though, you once decide to make, can become an amazing investment you will not regret about in future. But as an expense, you will still have to think about the price…And to consider – are you able to pay it and does it worth it at all? This is why, it is important for you to figure it out what forms the price of a decent office space in Bulgaria. And if you see all of the following factors in a specific building that is not quite cheap, you can definitely consider pay the price. Because it will worth it:

  1. Convenient and suitable location

People in Bulgaria care for the location of their office and working buildings, because the country is small. And they are used to travel and walk by feet small distances.

  1. Social benefits and good facilities

Doing business here, in Bulgaria is a challenge! Get ready for it and get ready for people, who have not been granted with amazing social benefits constantly. On the contrary – the social system is still in development here, so if you provide your workers comfortableness, coziness, modern facilities, good possibilities for team building meetings and breaks in the office, you will have them for life. They will appreciate you!

  1. Equipment and furnishing

Many businessmen believe it is better to rely on empty office space in Bulgaria than in a complete one – with the necessary equipment and furnishing conception. Though, we are not 100% sure in this. If you bring innovative machinery in the country for the first time, why using the current ones? And something else – isn`t it better to have your own original interior design to impress your potential partners, clients and investors? On the other side, having everything done and ready for work is a great chance to begin your Bulgarian business relocation immediately. And we all know – time is money…

  1. Size and fitting

It is clear how important size is for a decent office space in Bulgaria, when you make a new beginning here. After all, you will want everything to be perfect! But when it comes to fitting, you need to consider the division of the premises, which is an individual task for everyone among you. Think about the number of your business departments and consider how many new you are going to have, for instance!

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